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Dispatchers are Communication Specialists

Our firm is an approved training site for the State of Washington for hands on dispatch training.

We offer approximately 20 hours of classroom training with an additional 8 hours in real time dispatch service with an instructor.

The continuation-training period covers thirty days, with a 3-month probation period.

To comply with FCC regulations, every radio transmission needs to be logged; we use a computer, so keyboard experience is expected.

The Dispatcher answers each telephone call, so clear articulate communication skills are required.

Clear writing skills need to be demonstrated, as there is paperwork to be completed.

While our equipment offers mapping, having knowledge of our area and local business offered assists a Dispatcher to be successful.

Dispatchers also doubles as lot security and secures a clean working environment for the entire operation of transportation services available to our community.

Dispatchers will exchange keys with the For Hire Drivers based on the schedule, at which time they are to evaluate the Drivers ability to operate safely.

No two days have ever been the same, so individuals need to think and make a decision based on each situation.

We comply with Federal Drug and Alcohol regulations, so a pre-employment test is secured, the fee will be due our firm if the candidate fails the test or does not pass the probationary period.

Our crew provides legal, safe, dependable transportation service, to the best of our ability, 24/7. Our firm is not funded or operating under a Grant by any outside entity. We are truly locally owned and operated, and proud of it.

Customers allow us to be in business.

We treat them right!