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Services offered by DC Cab

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Picking people up at a specific point and driving them to another point.

There can be stops, pre-identified, or added during the ride.

This is usually provided on a demand response type of call and the meter assesses the fare for the time and distance that the Taxi and Driver was 'occupied' with the customer in our vehicle or having us wait for them.


Taxi Time Calls

Some passengers schedule their ride in advance (an hour or more is considered 'advance') - our business treats the Time Calls with priority, as the customer called in advance of their need.

Basically it is the same service as above.



Sometimes people do not know where they want to go, they just want to ride around. When we are not given specific destinations, we refer to this as 'cruising' and an hourly rate is assessed, which is to be remitted up front, prior to the hour beginning.


Shuttle Service

Our service is provided without 'door service', basically it is just a stop, for the customers to exit / enter our vehicles on their own. Payment may be made in advance for a 'block' of time for the service, or a bill may be sent to them, after the fact.

We provide shuttles for:


Courier Services

A delivery service, when packages are involved, and not people.

We secure a signature or verification at both points on delivering items.

Customers can fax or email their documents and we will deliver them.

Excluded: Federal regulations prevent us from transporting tobacco, alcohol, or firearms without a passenger on board.


Contract Service

We can work to solve transportation problems. We can customize our service to fit the customers needs. A bill is prepared, as the contract outlines and presented for payment monthly for the services used.

We work with local businesses providing transportation with their Voucher system, which is pre-arranged by agreements.

Our local bars have created a pool of funds for their "Ride Home" program, which we work with them and provide service on their coupon rides.


Gift Certificates

What freedom to give someone, gift certificates for transportation. We offer these in quantities of $6 amounts.

College Students:

The Evergreen State College has a dependable fixed route bus, however, there are things that come up, outside of the schedule.

South Puget Sound Community College parking is expensive and limited.

St. Martin's University is well serviced by being skirted on two sides with main streets on a fixed route for transit.


Why stress them out with the increased traffic or the annoying problem of finding parking.

There is Mother's Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, etc.



We coordinate with Safeplace and other local services, to provide transportation for individuals needing a safe place. You can help them by donating transportation funds for them.

During emergencies we work with the Red Cross and Salvation Army to move people where they need to arrive, generally a shelter. By networking with the commanders in charge of the emergency, we provide these emergency services as our donation to our community on a case by case basis, as suggested by the emergency personnel.


We will not tolerate abuse towards our vehicles or operators. Racial slurs and or foul language is not appreciated. We have and will continue to evoke our "Right to Refuse" service to passengers that have demonstrated an aggressive behavior that may be deemed threatening to our services.

Child Restraint Systems ~ Laws require certain restraint systems based on the child’s age and size. It is up to the adult to provide these safety features. With product recalls it is difficult for us to keep current with what is compliant and which is not. It is our opinion that the responsible adult should provide the proper safety equipment for the children ~

What we do not offer:

We no longer offer Wheel chair lift equipped service.

We no longer offer Limo service.

Indifferent to what individuals may want, we do not transport DRUGS or provide HOOKERS.

And trust us, we are asked - society, what is it coming to?

But we are battling the 'understanding' or misconception of what a 'taxi' represents. Just watch Cash Cab sometime. Dumb - who would drive in New York like that?

Did we mention we have a sense humor and are dedicated to being the best locally owned transportation company in Olympia? That we do offer 24/7 x 365!


Customers allow us to be in business.

We treat them right!