24 Hour Dependable Transportation

How much is a Taxi ride in Washington State?

When you use a Taxi, you are not only renting a vehicle for a period of time and paying for fuel, but you are hiring the services of a professional driver.

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Our vehicles are very comfortable and spacious.

Our drivers are free of drugs and alcohol, and have been trained in:

We have meters in each car.

Our Pick-Up charge is $2

(plus passengers, time and mileage)

Per Passenger

$1.00 each

The following rates for mileage and time apply.

$2.75 per Mile

$0.75 per Minute

Our minimum fare is $5


$75.00 an hour when there is not a specific destination.

There is a two-hour minimum for Cruising.

Daily Variables

A fuel-surcharge is added when premium fuel prices exceed $3.50 per gallon.


Drivers are able to negotiate fares.

Sanitation fees may apply.


Drivers may offer discounts, on their own, for Senior Citizens and Students or special occasions.

At any time, a lower rate may be charged, but never more, than the posted rates.

We accept credit or debit cards

Optionally, your Driver can stop at an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) so you may secure the cash for your ride.

The firm does not take personal checks, the individual Drivers may, however, at this time, we are not aware of any Drivers that are willing to take checks, too many have been refused by the banks for various reasons.

For the passengers added security, no one person has all the information needed to charge on their account. So if the passenger chooses to pay for their service via ‘plastic’ they need to give the information to the Dispatcher at the time they set up their ride…

VISA and Master Card Logos

Open Accounts

We can 'open' an account for people or businesses that are billed for the service provided. We would need:

Customers allow us to be in business.

We treat them right!