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All of our Drivers are Independent Contractors (IC’s) as they need to provide:

While Washington State does not require Drug and Alcohol free Taxi services, unanimously the crew has expressed the desire to comply. A potential Driver must pass a urine analysis. The cost will be absorbed if the Driver stays full time for three months; otherwise, the Driver owes the firm for the test.

Since 1991, people have called 786-5226 to secure clean vehicles, professional operators and a dependable ride. We do not provide hookers, drugs, or alcohol, nor does the ride emulate the big city hurry up and slam on the brakes, cutting in and out of traffic style of driving. Our passengers could be your grandparent or grandchild, just because they are getting a ride does not always mean that they are inebriated. Each passenger has their own reason for using our service, and should be treated with dignity and respect, by offering door service and a calm atmosphere for their ride.

We comply with Federal Drug and Alcohol regulations, so a pre-employment test is secured, the fee will be due our firm if the candidate fails the test or does not pass the probationary period.

Customers allow us to be in business.

We treat them right!