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About DC Cab

The DC Cab crew provides legal, safe, dependable, timely transportation service

To the best of our ability we provide service 24/7/365. Our firm is not funded or operating under a grant by any outside entity. We are truly locally owned and operated, and proud of it.

DC Cab

is your locally owned and operated transportation provider. The entire corporation has been designed and created under the guidelines of our local jurisdiction, customer requests and focused on our community needs, to the best of our ability.


answer our phones, during busy hours on Friday and Saturday nights, so the phone may ring a few times while they are assisting other callers.. Most of the time, when you call, a Driver will answer the phone, eliminating the middle person - you will get a better estimate of how long it will be before your Taxi arrives this way.

Our crew

of Independent Contractors (For Hire Taxi Drivers) provides Taxi service for our community. Each Driver is professional, experienced, and desires to improve the general publics opinion of Taxi service. Drivers are self-policing in this area. They have established standards, above the minimum requirements established by local authority, which the office monitors and responds.

Our fleet of vehicles are properly equipped and maintained locally on a regular schedule, enabling the Drivers to operate as contracted for service.

Our goal

is to provide dependable transportation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We represent transportation services

If we can not provide your service; we can offer alternative solutions to your transportation needs. Our community has other options, Intercity Transit, Shuttles, and Courier Services. We would like to be of service, but understandably, we may not always be able to facilitate your needs immediately.

Bruce Wooden, Owner

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The History of DC Cab

Our hometown

In 1905 Cindy Grant's ancestors settled in Olympia, when there were mud streets. In fact, Great Grandpa put the Talcott clock in the old Capitol Building. When the new Capitol was completed, it was his son that moved the clock to the new location. Grandma was the first female school bus Driver in Tumwater – out of necessity, as her husband had a stroke. She was concerned about “how all those children would get to school”, so she did his route for him. Her daughter, Wilma, and husband Bob owned and operated Tumwater Taxi right out of their home on Bishop Road. The other company in Thurston County was Red Top, owned, and operated by Red and Betty Issom – who also had the ambulance company. When there was a major accident downtown at the China Clipper, it was Red Top that transported everyone to the ‘old’ St. Peter’s Hospital (420 S. Sherman) – free of charge.

Both firms did well, especially since the laws at the time prevented the sales of liquor on Sunday. Then the laws were changed. The Issom’s decided it was time to retire and Red Top changed hands – the new operator was Elvis Pruitt. His companion, Kathy, opened Capitol City. Two people, maybe a couple of others, and two or three vehicles was all that was needed in our community at the time.


A man waited at the Olympia airport for over an hour for a Taxi ride, to go to an appointment within a mile of his location, an appointment that he had waited for quite a long time to attend. Rumor has it, that he missed his appointment. He opened Olympic Taxi by fronting the funds, and hiring the management to provide the community with a service that can get somewhere within 10 minutes of the call. With three Taxi’s and eight Drivers it began and within six months time an additional vehicle and more Drivers were needed and the firm was breaking even. The ownership changed hands and the name transitioned to Olympic Transportation.


It was time to change ownership again; hence, the Manager becomes the local owner and operating manager of DC Cab. Cindy and Dayle Martin spent countless hours recovering what was once a very reliable service. The first order of business was to replace the entire fleet of vehicles. The crew voluntarily complies with Federal Drug and Alcohol regulations, as they desire to offer clean, dependable, safe transportation service for our community.

With the assistance of a Management Consultant, and team of advisors, including an Attorney, Banker, and of course our Customers we evolved to a fleet of 8 vehicles and 20+/- Operators. Our Dispatching is 100% in house, local, and with the assistance of the satellite and vehicle locators, we believe our crew is secure.

We have endured operating without electricity for over two weeks after the Inaugural Day storm, without missing a beat – thank goodness for generators, and a local service station that we supported generously. The Easter storm was a surprise, but once again, we operated under Plan B – using our new generator. The Nisqually Earthquake really shut down the transportation corridor along Old Highway 99 – we still maintained services – slow, but sure. Due to the destruction, we transported people to shelters; free, to memorialize Red & Betty Issom, in our own way.

To date

We have never lost a Driver or vehicle due to an incident or accident, there are very few companies in the State of Washington that can say that, and we knock on wood every time that comes out of our mouth. It is our opinion that it is due to our professional staff, orientation, risk management and our family-minded operation, caring about each other and making sure our customers are satisfied. Since management cannot be on every ride, every hour, every day, we provide Customer Comment Cards in the vehicles. In our own way, this is just one more opportunity to check that we offer dependable transportation service. We have experienced our share of film-flam operators, and with listening to both sides of the issues, sorted out the bad seeds, on both sides, the passengers and our crew. We maintain a company wide ‘86’ list, to try to reduce the financial loss caused by swindle artists.

Since Thurston County is not really ‘Taxi’ friendly - there is not a ‘Stand’ or well-lit area that is open for our Operators to use - the Drivers develop their own methods of operation. These are shared at quarterly meetings, to help each other. It does not take long for a selfish, self-serving Independent Contractor to be de-authorized; the Drivers have their own ways of handling less than satisfactory people.

March 1, 2010

DC Vehicle Leasing, Inc., DBA DC Cab, Board of Directors sold the company. The new owners will continue providing transportation service for the community. Their goal is to maintain all agreements and practices as established and make it better! We wish them well doing business as DC Cab!


Bruce Wooden took the rains of the company and continues to provide service excellence.