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About DC Cab in Olympia, Washington State

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Bruce Wooden, dba DC Cab, is quite simply a Taxicab company.

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DC Cab - Your Locally Owned and Operated Transportation Provider.

The entire operation has been designed and created under the guidelines of our local jurisdiction, customer requests and focused on our community needs, to the best of our ability.

Dispatchers answer our phones, during busy hours on Friday and Saturday nights, so the phone may ring a few times while they are assisting other callers..

Most of the time, when you call, a Driver will answer the phone, eliminating the middle person - you will get a better estimate of how long it will be before your Taxi arrives this way.

The crew of Independent Contractors (For Hire Taxi Drivers) provides Taxi service for our community.

Each Driver is professional, experienced, and desires to improve the general publics opinion of Taxi service. Drivers are self-policing in this area. They have established standards, above the minimum requirements established by local authority, which the office monitors and responds.

Our fleet of vehicles are properly equipped and maintained locally on a regular schedule, enabling the Drivers to operate as contracted for service.

Our primary goal is to provide dependable transportation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We represent transportation service, even if we can not provide the service; we offer an alternative solution to your transportation needs. Our community has other options, InterCity Transit, Shuttles, and Courier Services. We would like to be of service, but understandably, we may not always be able to facilitate your needs immediately.

Bruce Wooden, Owner

Customers allow us to be in business.

We treat them right!